Thursday, July 21, 2011

Radio Interview: Content-Driven Collaboration is Essential

Technological and communications breakthroughs are creating great disruption for the culture of learning.  Through programs like the International CyberFair and the Doors to Diplomacy competitions, youth and educators from 40 countries are making a serious effort to tackle everything from international adoptions, to saving our oceans, to promoting cultural diplomacy with the Muslim world.

Below is a link to my radio interview with Judyth Piazza,  host of the American Perspective radio program and the CEO of theSOP, in which we discuss the benefits, challenges and the future promise of international collaborative learning -- for individuals, communities and humanity.

Do you know of examples of collaborative learning in your community that go BEYOND traditional education (e.g. business, economic, government, health, environment, public safety, culture and historic preservation)? If so, please share them!

Dr. Yvonne Marie Andres, President and Founder

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