Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Do Not Miss the 2014 San Diego Film Festival (Sept 23-28)

I am a huge fan of the San Diego Film Festival, which runs from Sept 23-Sept 28.

I am always impressed with the quality and diversity of the films. 

 “Chelsea’s Light: A Brother’s Journey” was a powerful and emotional film shown in a red-carpet premiere last night in the Gaslamp’s Reading Theater as part of the San Diego Film Festival. I suggest that everyone add this film to your "must watch" list - especially parents.

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Grab your tickets for the Wednesday night 7:00pm showing of "Wild," starring Reese Witherspoon and her battle against heroin.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Connecting Youth Through Volunteerism - A Sampling of Amazing Projects from Escondido Charter High School

I spent an amazing day at Escondido Charter High School... with the students involved with the US-Russia CyberFair projects that connect youth through volunteerism.

I was totally blown away by their ambitious projects. Here are a few examples... and believe me, the descriptions barely due justice to their efforts.

International Education Documentary
I am creating a film about the positive things in American education. My goal is to bring American students closer to the rest of the world. My film is opposite of the film "Waiting For Superman." With my documentary, people will become aware of new types of education that bring an international perspective on the world.  This video documentary has been sponsored by the Energized Students Foundation. A Hollywood Film Crew has been sent to film what started out as a cultural differences film into a full blown International Documentary about education. This project highlights the flawed American education system and makes students and parents aware of other education opportunities in America and over seas.

We Can Help Phone App
My project is to create an iPhone/Android application that will contribute donations to Orphanages in Shanghai, China.  My community is an innovative group of students, who are working on a set of international projects in shanghai to better themselves in understanding International business and Entrepreneurship.

Smaller House, Better Home
My project is building a new homes in Escondido. The home models I am using are from the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon -  which is a competition that happens every 2 years. In this competition, universities from all over the world are challenged to build the most energy-efficient, cost-efficient home, that is both functional and attractive. My goal is to build the nicest home as cheaply as possible. I will be using the 2011 winner WaterShed by the University of Maryland.

Broadway Workshops
We are a group of high school students that are bringing the Broadway experience to other countries. We want to share the opportunities that we have been able to experience with those who do not have the same resources that we do. We will be traveling to China and performing short excepts from different Broadway musical at orphanages in China.

Connections Through Music
The name of my project is Musicakin. My project is an online community for musicians. It is basically a website that I will build. The website will offer an opportunity for any musician worldwide, regardless of age, skill, artist, hobbyist, location, etc., to connect with each other. Using my website, musicians will be able to collaborate, follow artists, make their own bands, share lessons, learn lessons, get together and jam with friends, and a few other things. There will also be a classified ad section where they could sell and/or buy equipment.

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Friday, March 08, 2013

How to Teach Long Division - The Dance Craze Way

Meyer Levin School for Performing Arts Classes 622 and 624 perform a Gangnam Style parody teaching long division with decimals. This fabulous video was produced by my niece, Joelle Andres, and her students -- to remember the steps for long division with decimals! Also, thanks to Lee Tovitz Kessler for his help singing and recording, and Adam Berke for his sweet dance moves!

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Speak Up and Share Your Technology Vision!

Speak Up and Share Your Technology Vision!

GlobalSchoolNet-eLanguages-iPoPP are proud to partner with SIIA on the SIXTH annual and FIRST international version of the Vision K-20 survey!
Educators from around the world can use the 20 benchmarks in the Vision K-20 survey to evaluate their CURRENT implementation of technology and also CONTRIBUTE to the development of a COLLABORATIVE vision for the future with the “ideal implementation” section of the survey.

So, please, PLEASE take a brief 15 minutes to speak up -- and share YOUR technology vision!

*Survey participants will be able to download the FINAL report -- AND they will have a chance to win one of twenty $25 gift cards!

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Seeking Collaborative Projects or Partners?

HILITES is brought to you by the Global SchoolNet Foundation and it is moderated BY teachers FOR teachers. HILITES is the OLDEST list of telecollaboration project announcements on the Internet (started in 1985 on the old FrEdMail Network).  We invite you to submit your own project announcement there. 

We don't post questions, announcements, requests for pen pals or sister classes or any other messages which do not support a concrete, multi-lateral learning project that engages students in more than one classroom. We will post surveys and requests for information only if they include activities, products, or outcomes which can also benefit contributing classes.
Because we do so much of the filtering for you, you can feel confident that you're getting the best selection of projects listed anywhere, which means that you won't have to wade through hundreds of extraneous messages to find the project announcements you're looking for.
You can: All projects are posted at the GSN Projects Registry

Monday, January 16, 2012

Diplomacy" 2012 International Web Project Competition for Middle and High School Students

January 16, 2012 - The US Department of State and the announce the 2012 "Doors to Diplomacy" award competition, recognizing the student-created Global SchoolNet Web projects from around the globe that best teach others about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy. 

To qualify, middle school and high school students will work in small teams with teacher-coaches. Projects must be completed by March 15, 2012, and winners will be announced in May 2012. Every team that enters a project will receive a special "Doors to Diplomacy" certificate recognizing their achievement. Each student member of the two winning teams – one American and one international – will also receive a $2,000 scholarship and the winning coaches’ schools will each receive a $500 cash award.

For a complete description of the competition and information about eligibility and judging criteria, please visit

Friday, August 12, 2011

Are you seeking collaborative projects or partners?

Are you seeking collaborative projects or partners?

Global SchoolNet's Projects Registry (PR) is the oldest (1995) online clearinghouse for teacher-conducted global learning projects. The PR contains more than 3,000 annotated listings and is searchable by date, age level, geographic location, collaboration type, technology tools or keyword. Many projects are aligned with the 21 Century Learning Skills matrix, the ICT Literacy Maps, especially in Science, Geography and English and International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) NETS Standards for Students. The Project Registry is a central place for educators to find global partners and to new announce projects.

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