Friday, July 29, 2011

Diplomacy: Diplomacy and Deterrence in Singapore

This excellent student-produced video was created for the Doors to Diplomacy competition. Learn more about this project at:

The student writes, 
"Without participating in the Doors to Diplomacy programme I would not have gained the deeper understanding of international politics and the principles of international interaction. The process has given me opportunities to express my opinions and perspective on global issues, and has in turn contributed to experience outside normal academic curriculum. It has developed the breadth of my perspective and to the depth of my analysis of sources, while allowing all of us in the team to learn to rely on each other and make use of each others skills. It is very much similar to the gains of being in a committed CCA competition, except for me it has a greater degree of comfort, freedom and expression. The ups and downs I experienced through the journey were directed at my personal faults, such as being incapable of plotting milestones and framing a long-term effort for the team, and I wish to work on these in the near future. The experience will follow with me through the next lap of my learning journey."

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